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How I write today

Fig.1 But I used an iPad to take this pic and the App ‘Studio’ to add the text

I write on the facing page of a lined pad of paper; this is top of my head mode. I then read it through adding detail on the reverse page using the ‘scene building block’ to hint at approaches I may have missed: dialogue, the five senses, staying in the person’s head … On a third read I may fill some of the empty lines with corrections, additions and changes. Finally I type it up and post to my ‘Start Writing Fiction’ blog.



  1. I was recently reading a post about the benefits of writing longform. For me, I find that writing by hand isn’t as fast as typing and I really want to share my thoughts as they happen. It’s nice to learn more about your technique here!

    • It has to be the case that what you write and how you write, or rather how you compose and tell a story will differ depending on how you do it: pen or pencil to paper, old typewriter or programme, desktop or tablet even. For ‘stream of consciousness’ I will touch type – I call that ‘jazz writing’ as the form is loose rather than formal, constructed writing to a brief and from a treatment. Good luck.

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