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Now you can start writing fiction …

Fig.1 The Open University Start Writing Fiction eight week course FREE on Future Learn

It surprises me all the time how facts and fiction weave in and out of each other. I love the merry little dance I’m learning to give people. It matters that only I know what is fact and what is fiction as too easily a person or an event is described with barely a twist. Increasingly the closer I get to the ‘truth’ about a feeling, person or event the more convincing it is … even if I’m describing a talking fish, or a combination of dead and living people sharing a car journey that’s as real any I do every week.

The FutureLearn online course Start Writing Fiction started on Monday. I loved it so much last year I’m back for more to refresh what I picked up and find what I missed.



  1. I’ve started this course, too, Jonathan. It has already got me thinking of new ways to find inspiration for my writing. I am coming into my busy season at work but this course is well worth making time for.

    • The trick with time management is to prioritise the course, then indulge the brilliant conversations which can add many hours to the week as you make new friends and share ideas. Good luck.

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