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Why Short Form?

Storytelling with classy visuals and high production values forms lasting memories.

Cut a long story short

When I’m asked what it is I do, I talk about bringing complex concepts to life through the power of visual storytelling. To me it’s all about the story. The story is the starting point.

When I think about complex topics or issues that can be difficult to make sense of, the first question I ask is what is the story we are trying to tell here? After all I’m not the subject matter expert. But what I try and do as a producer, is work with experts to dissect a head-scratchingly difficult or ostensibly dry topic to try and unearth the holy grail: that fascinating fact or nugget of information that allows us to pick up tools and map out the story arc.

thrust History of English in Ten Minutes – The Open University

I’m often asked why are we even trying to explain a concept in a few minutes…

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