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Three months without a post?

As I am now employed to post content online several times a day all week, all year something of the compulsion to post has been lost. However, I feel I have also lost my soul. Having kept a diary from age 13 1/4 to age 32 1/2, having  blogged from age 34 to 44 and then drifted into a public ‘niche’ part of my head I have lost this conversation. I should pick up a print diary and start writing in it. THIS is why I kept a diary – a life conversation of utter honesty that would be shared nowhere. But it was: from 1990 I transcribe my diary and put it online. It got to 1.6 million words. To post in 1996 was to share with a niche. The second I had a hint of how this content could reach anyone I knew or ‘featured’ I tried obliterating names and locations with obfuscation mixing fiction with fact in a way that drew too much sympathy as loved ones were killed off. And then I shut it all down. Some pages crepped into permanent ‘record’ of the early web. 

I would love to find, again, a discrete, closed readership but know that anything can with ease be cut and copied. Therefore,  20 years+ regarding my Internet experience I am saying – I have had enough. Sailing the Atlantic convinced me of this: guys hung on to the last 10 miles of land-based Internet connection, and then for three weeks it was gone. (Unless you had access to the incredibly expensive Iridium).



  1. Steve McGowan says:

    Hi Jonathan it’s so easy to get out of the habit it needs to be a daily routine but life can be so busy just getting through the working day is enough, to then reflect on it is a challenge.

  2. Thanks you so much for adding a comment. Today I nearly took to writing in a journal: ink on paper, private and locked away until long after my death.

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