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Today is WW1 Day 30 October 2016

A full day having been up and reading at 5:00am and walking Evie (our Labradoodlish dog) around Stanley Turner (rugby club) not long after 7:00am.

Off to Reeves photographic to see their exhibition.

This is a fascinating photographic studio started in 1854. They hold the original archive  of glass plates.


There is an exhibit of 78 window light boxes in town themed Lewes 1916.
I attend afternoon of the showing of ‘The Somme’ 1916 film.

An introduction, the film with commentary and the two talks: Lewes town planning and architecture WW1, and using the Reeve archive to show how formal mourning dress for women changed 1850s to WW1. Around 90 attended the All Saints Centre. Less than 20 stayed for the film with orchestration.

‘Poldark’ was something of a plot rampage with events skipping over as quickly as they do in the books.








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