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1 November 2016


Compete reading ‘War and Remembrance in the Twentieth Century’ – had been thinking of dissertation on development of ‘remembrance websites’.

Sam Beaver, a Native American who fought in WW1, featured in ‘Remember on this Day’ and gets  over 4,300 views through Facebook.

Get Paul Nash biography ‘Outline‘ to review as an new exhibition is just opening at Tate Britain exhibition just opening.

Swimming club development gala : Grades 1-4 swimming 25m.

One 9 year old had a panic thinking he had been allocated to the wrong grade. Soon there were three 9 year old boys, my star group, racing side by side.

Much to prep: trip to Wolverhampton during Southern Rail strike so will have to drive.

Need to press on and confirm a French lawyer to deal with Clubhotel Multivacances.

SB on my mind.



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