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5 November 2016


Complete reading Alex Watson so make a start on Paul Nash.

Write my review of the St.Paul’s Frontal Altar. Just getting it down. Images to add later.
Tricky fixing a homepage error until I realised I’d published something to October.

The Western Front Association Facebook page got four pieces during the day: two ‘Remember on this Day’ and the creation by German High Command of the ‘Kingdom of Poland’.

Walk over to the university and had Gary Sheffield point me towards the lecture room.

All day Prof. Gary Sheffield with two lectures, first on ‘Morale in the British Army ‘and then on ‘Leadership.’ Followed by a three member team review of the Alex Watson ‘Enduring the War’ : on what made soldiers keep fighting, a comparative look at German and British soldiers.

Speak to William about the 35th on Passchendaele – his grandfather had been a sniper and John about the RAF and 3 Squadron.

Finally, have a word with a Gary about talking to UA lecturer on the Reeves Archive. He recommends something either on Lewes, that happens to make use of the archive, or to do something on photography across GB, remembering that I need to write 15,000 words.

Afterwards eat an Indian Javins.




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