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7 November 2016 Lewes in the First World War



Complete handwritten review of Outline. An Autobiography. Paul Nash based on Post-It Tabs and Arrows deployed.

Lewes in the First World War
Crack on with First World War then walk up to Cafe Nero to meet Brigitte who is the project leader on the Lewes Light-boxes that feature images from the Reeves Archive.

We quickly establish that I should research more fully the experience of 11,000 soldiers decent on Lewes on 17 September 1914 and having to be billeted in town until barracks were built down at Seaford and elsewhere.


Teaching backstroke to grades 4 and 5. delighted with their progress and pleased with my teaching. I have less variety these days with more care to get drills correct: they enjoyed 4 x 25m with a plastic beaker on their foreheads and I made them do ‘hesitation drill’ until they all had it right.

1 episode each of ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘The Crown’ followed – ‘An Act of God’ about the pea-souped smog of 1952 was particularly good.


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