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10 November 2016 : 24 Hours in Bourg St Maurice



Europe has a hang over too over Trump. Only Marine Le Pen thinks it a positive thing,

The news, comedians and satirists popularise Trump further by discussing and mocking him.

‘No news is bad news?’ Trump has accumulated it over decades. He attracts it to him. As Elton John says, he is a consummate communicator (historians say this of Adolf Hitler).

Trump knows, unwittingly or wittingly, how to be controversial, how to offend, how to step over the line while keeping a heel behind it. He is more representative of us than not, certainly the disenfranchised white male.
Vous êtes témoin d’un événement ?


Edition special this morning.

‘ID : Take 3’ is a commentary on common European news based on following how the same The story is reported across three counties other than England: France, German, Spain.

Several hours wandering through Bourg St Maurice contemplating the purchase of snow chains to head up to Tignes.


Googling when do the French eat I understand why at 18h30 a restaurant is empty.

I return at 20h00 and there are 19 in a room that might take 30 covers at a push. The vegetarian option is so leaf and cheese laden – no proper cooking, that I look over the other set menus.

I end up ditching the Vegan health gig in favour of a few treats: Trout Gravilax, Chevril stew and a fruit pudding.

It is disconcerting to have the accusative heads of several Chevril looking down at me from the walls.




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