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11 November 2016 La Gurraz to Lyon on Armistice Day


Today it is… snowing powder, then it warms up enough for the snow to turn to slush.

Ploughs have been working to clear snow from 4:00am. After a continental breakfast – I am the only guest, I take a meander around town taking photographs. The war memorial where I took photographs yesterday has been cleared of snow, including knocking the statue’s snow berry from his head. Signage has been put up to Lilienthal parking ahead of marking Armistice 11h00 11/11/2016.

With some care I extracted the hire car from the hotel parking spot and head towards Tignes expecting to go no further than Saint Foy. I make it, eventually on compacted snow that requires chains, to around 1000m and La Gurraz.

I’m back in Lyon-Expury by 13h00 with over 5 hours to kill. I had a French WW1 contact who has contributed a story to ‘Remember on this Day’ : I should have gone and found them.

Lyon Airport will look incredible when complete; for now it is a series of huge, temporary walkways and hangars that lack the facilities to cater for the crowds. I’d keep away until it is finished.


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