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13 November 2016 White Mountain



Reading: White Mountain by Robert Twigger.

Engaged intellectually, though at times it pushes my desire to listen a little too far, a bit like James May going into too much detail about some car he is reviewing. Enlightened by the true meaning of ‘Tantric discipline – signs lie a spiritual version of CBT or ‘The 7 Steps’ to me, how to quash, or at best control rather than indulge your desires, with sex becoming all about ‘semen retention’ – a false and old belief as in fact semen need to be fresh if it is to be vigorous.

A bright sunny autumn when I could be sailing on Piddinghoe Pond but illness has me in the house, in pyjamas, all day. I have a migraine-like headache.

To keep busy I research and write ‘Diary of the Great War’ up to the 20th Nov 1916 using the Times, the Somme Day by Day account and Les 300 Jours de Verdun.

Evie, our dog joins me, eyeing me lovingly all of the day.

LT gets in touch through C7. Her English comprehension is  non-existent.

I ought to be blogging my WW1 reading too, so that I have it and notes at my fingertips long before it is required for essay writing.


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