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15 November 2016 Last Heroes of The Somme


I felt asleep to ‘White Mountain’ being read by Mark Meadows – it did something to my dreams that had me on a Tibetan Plateau or on snow.

The habitual check on the WFA website:

Paul Reed got in touch after I praised ‘Last Heroes of the Somme’ Channel 4 documentary.
Lacking ‘those who died 15 Nov 16 I end up with men from the 1917 and 1918. I keep making lists of future profiles but then lose them. Talking of which, Menin Gate lists aiming to profile 200,000 names could be a source if the author can be persuaded. Again, a subject for research: why people, always retired, feel compelled to do this.
Frustrating to misplace my notes on Cpt Beauchamp (FR) who, having completed a bombing raid on Munich then flew over the Alps to safety.

I am taking, though possibly struggling with Co-codamol in doses that no longer work, or that are counter-productive.

Every day I need to:

  1. Draw
  2. Play the guitar and sing
  3. Exercise
  4. Read WLV related WW1 book

Back and forth to The Keep to research events of 12th September to 2nd October 1914 in Lewes. I manage to lose the reader’s card I’d just had made and to leave soup on the stove after so had gone out for the afternoon.
Suggest to the swimming club that I stay away, but he is short of teachers so I go in. More assessments for Grade 3 and 7 & 8. It is always revealing to identify their strengths and weaknesses though disappointing where there are some intractable problems, usually to do with breaststroke.



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