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16 November 2016 Black Mirror Series 3


Silly that it feels such a relief to have no obligations to the swimming club until Saturday.

Just Evie and me at home.

Research Lewes 12th September to 2nd October when 11,000 new army recruits arrived in the town and had to be found billets in public and private buildings. Old copies of the Sussex Express and East Sussex Gazette provided some brief insights : never enough for a dissertation unless I cover all towns in the U.K. where soldiers were sent.

Great plans to do WFA work scuppered by the iMac self-scrambling on the ID and keychain.

Wolverhampton Uni want me to ring them about my not being enrolled for the course: when I completed the bumpy last week it said that I was.

Enjoying the 3 Series of Black Mirror on Netflix.

Get tow bar date in early December. Will I miss much sailing on the pond? Does the boat need an overhaul?

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