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18 November 2016 Life Drawing at Sussex Arts


Pleased to be taking TBT to a life drawing session at Sussex Arts Club.
Walked Evie around Stanley Turner before leaving.

16 people made for a busy session; we arrived after the key seats and tables had been taken, but in good enough time to be placed well enough. The model was Dave. A lean, older guy who takes a classic pose and holds it like a pro. It’s the third time I’ve drawn him having seen him in the summer, perhaps on my second trip. He was also the ’emergency’ cover for the day session at Charleston and just as professional here. His view was that male models aren’t chosen as often as female.

At the coffee break TBT was keen to compare jottings. He has been drawing in fine penicillin in an small book, I had worked on sheets of A4 then A3.

This morning  I learnt  that ‘Grand Tour’ was on Amazon Prime so promptly started to watch it. Filmic.
Online the last day of the Somme is mentioned and marked.

Too much marching about by old men in uniform for my liking. The BBC do a brief animation that sums it up well. Despite the so called ‘end’ men are still killed in the trenches along the Somme front day and night during trench raids and periods of ‘hate’, while at Verdun the war still rages.
Perfecting the veggie burger: almond flour, roast hazel nuts and pine nuts. A bean casserole – though poorly seasoned.


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