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20 November 2016

Today is… so dreary I could sleep the day away.

Instead waking up to take in the damage of storm Angus I find a lot of wet fluff stuck in clumps around the back door – a few bins over. I walk Evie around Piddinghoe and despite the wind find a couple of nutters out and fairing well even raising the Spinnaker and almost surfing they go so fast. I regret not having a good camera with me.


Take Evie home then go down to check my boat down at Seaford : fine, but others have gone over.


Late lunch pasta and bacon with a tomato sauce : we cannot condemn TBT to being Vegan and I will eat a little meat, or fish or milk product from tie to time – not more than fortnightly.

On the way to Swimming club catch much of ‘Beyond Belief’ On BBC Radio 4

At around 4:45 Monday 21 November there was a fascinating discussion on the power of the painting over photography for expressing who a person truly is.

Swimming Club

Starts and turns, so a warm up on all strokes, with some emphasis on fixing techniques, then ‘S,T,Fs’ with a large float in the middle of the pool and emphasis on starts (stance, response, flight, entry, transition), turn (approach, turn as pivot or tumble, push off and transition) and then finish (approach and touch). My grade 4s, most age 9 or 10 were terrific: three of them even have butterfly.


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