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Are you drowning in coffee?

Fig.1. Drowning in coffee


  • Kings College Overdose
  • Caffeine DSM-5


  1. cindy knoke says:

    It struck me as odd that decades ago caffiene addiction was designated a mental disorder in the extant dsm I of the time, until i met my favorite professor who drank basically 1 cup per hour or more. He decided on his own to stop. I watched the withdrawal. Serious shit. Almost as bad as cigarette withdrawal. It’s best not to get addicted to these bad drugs, caffeine and nicotine, considering that nicotine combined with tobacco has killed more people than any drug .
    But we have wars on other drugs.
    Why do we do this?
    I guess these wars on drugs give money to the people who fight them.
    They don’t help the people who are addicted.
    Shouldn’t that be what we focus on?
    Human beings often annoy me.

  2. I gave up coffee 11 months ago – decaf ever since.

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