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What are the Barriers to Using Educational Technologies?

Research suggests that fear of looking foolish in front of students, time and relevance are reasons why some educators resist using educational tools and platforms. The answer is insightful and persuasive selling of the tools, promoting champions, support and nurture and having a good ear for their recommendations to make sure that content is relevant, wanted and effective.



  1. Gordon says:

    I also find that on becoming a lecturer; once you’ve mastered the programme you have to deliver then its easy to do a spot of (what you enjoy doing) research and carry on delivering sessions what you’ve already mastered.

    Always in the same way, using the same PowerPoint presentation, with the occasional tweaks.

    Whilst I know this is an awfully wide generalisations, as a visiting speaker I find it amusing that the same sessions are being delivered in exactly the same way as in previous years. I suspect that once in a ‘groove’ it becomes very difficult to adopt to new ways of delivery.

  2. It is cumulative. Elements created to complement a class that are self-directed are readily adjusted and built upon each time that part of a course repeats itself with a new cohort. Having a ‘Learning Technologist’ develop these elements makes the tutor once removed from the technology: they don’t have to ‘own’ it – at least not a first. The fool is the clown with the 360 degree camera and a VR headset.

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