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Are your computers ‘sanitized’ – given a clean – of any kind?

A woman at her desks sneezes into her computer without covering her nose and mouth.

My concern for staff who hot desk (me) and students is that they will often sit down at a computer where someone has sneezed onto the keyboard and screen without any attempt whatsoever to shield their environment from the germs they are spreading.

I see this often. What about you?

The answer is to educate staff and students.     

Add cleaning keyboards and screens to what the cleaning staff do.

Get rid of the all use ‘Press this Button’ pads that used to enter the building , and libraries and corridors – except for those with a disability, who clearly need to use them.

Students and staff touch these repeatedly across the day so no wonder germs spread fast and so many people end up off ill.

Without frequent handwashing it is hardly surprising that so many people end up ill.

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