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Donald Trump makes me think of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser Donald II and Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert

With Trump eager to create turmoil I’m up early to bare witness to the demoacry fighting back. I think of Donald Trump and I’m reminded of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Both men had a ludicrous sense of their brilliance and leadership abilities. The former nudged Europe into world war. Where is Trump taking it?

The night before I’d watched David Attenborough on iPlayer, saw the Greta Thunberg documentary then fell asleep only to wake as the yacht I was taking across the Atlantic hit one large wave too many and capsized.

I need to find a way to turn my brain off at 10:00pm and not permit it to splutter back into consciousness before 4:00am the next day – or preferably 6:00am (at least).

I am trying yoga and light exercise. For the second time, it happens with each lockdown, I have jiggered my left leg. First time round it was the knees, now it is the achilles heel. What did I do? I went on a walk 😦 

Another random thought: Could The OU, overnight, do for Secondary Education what it is has done for HE over the last 50 years + ? Not a big ask. But what is needed now are courses that can be completed remoteley (at a distance as we used to say) and are gain accredited assessment and certification at the end. Roll on home schooling. 



  1. Doug Belshaw says:

    Well Kaiser Wilhelm II was as mad as a bicycle, so there’s perhaps something in it.

  2. Kenji says:

    “The former nudged Europe into world war” While Germany may have been eager to go to war, seeing as how they were the first to deploy troops. Which they had sent through Belgium, they were not the ones who started that war. They were more or less dragged into it due to their alliance with Austria. Who just gave it’s demands to Serbia. The Austro-Hungarian Empire sent it’s demands to Serbia because of Gavrilo Princip. Gavrilo Princip is responsible for having assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Who, more or less was the only man who wanted the Serbs in the country. He even tried to promote peace between their people. So you saying that “The former nudged Europe into world war” is honestly inaccurate. Europe was a mess at the time, all it needed was a simple spark to set it off. That being because of all the secret alliances it had with each other. Germany is not responsible for “nudging Europe” into that war. They were just the first ones to commit to the war effort. Reasoning for this can be tied back to German culture and how strict they were. Along with the mentality of the Second Reich (German Empire). Hell if you wanna start blaming people than blame the allies. They’re the reason we got World War Two in the fist place. The treaty of Versailles was a joke and a complete mess. All it did was put the blame on Germany, destroyed it’s economy, destroyed it’s government and installed a foreign government which was the definition of pathetic. Which would pave the way towards resentment of the allies and the rise of the Adolf Hitler. Not only that but the treaty also gave the Empire of Japan a bad taste for the allies. Since their equal race clause was rejected by the allies during the treaty. This would lead Japan to branch itself further from the allies, especially the USA since Wilson was the main person against it.

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