Home » Creativity » Little Foxes Copse, Hadlow Down 20th September 2021

Little Foxes Copse, Hadlow Down 20th September 2021

Woodland Trust

Second Wood of the Day. Getting here was a joy in itself, with multiple single track lanes between high hedges, with woods everywhere the trees often arched across the road like the nave of a cathedral. Though early autumn there is barely a hint of trees changing colour. 

There is parking for a few cars at the gate into the Copse. The sound of horses on the road are more likely than traffic. It is a blessing to be away from the main roads.

On each of these walks I take a moment to listen and record the local sounds; I’m yet to add these as an MP3 file. I also breathe in the place to get the smell of it; often this is distinct, such as hot crispy bracken, or warm pine or wet leaves in a bog.

I’m also getting used to moving between a Woodland Trust and other public access woods as often the patchwork of woodland as it stands is owned by different bodies and individuals – not all with the same agenda or resources. 

For the parking, the hilltop views, the variety of scenery from new copse, to older woods I will certainly return here. 


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