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Littlewood, Buxted 24th September 2021

Woodland Trust

Although I got myself to the entrance of the wood I was fooled into thinking it was someone’s private drive as the cul de sac here is made up of large detached homes – the air of the wood and its surrounds is ‘gentile’. I wonder how many here helped find the funds to purchase and protect the wood, or perhaps it was something the original developer did.

For almost the first time on one of these Woodland Trust woodland walks I appear to have set off from the entrance gate – no fancy noticeboard. I guess without the trees this little wood would cover the size of a rugby pitch. All Trails has me in and out in 45 minutes or so.

You can see the management plan, the plantation planted trees thinned, some old wood cut and stacked, the variety of species, but what this feels like is the bottom of someone’s garden, albeit a large one. 

Maps and plans from OpenStreetMap and All Trails. 

The southern edge of the wood is boarded with large detached houses with equally sold fences, while part of the northern edge has a dense, high hedge of conifers and more hedging. 

I can see locals enjoying this but wouldn’t make the journey especially. 

I double back to Buxted Park, pull up in a parking space down from  the church. This is open parkland, heath and a couple of ornamental lakes, but there are huge 300 year old oaks and a yew tree over 2,000 years old. 


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