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All Trails from Glynde Village Shop towards Mt Caburn

After a day in bed with a bad cold this short walk is just to reawaken my legs and get some fresh air into my lungs. It is also a change to enjoy the view, the early autumn colours and sounds, walk the dog and think about where else to live other than Lewes – like in the village of Glynde.

Glynde Village Shop towards Mt Caburn and back via Glynde Place

I’m now doubling up and walks which makes it a whole lot easier – I know where I am going and what to expect. Even ambling along we’ll be back in less than an hour, the hill is gentle and the entire thing less than one end of the Newcastle Town Moor and back.

I got a negative PCR test back for Covid early this morning after a test on Thursday afternoon. I have cold systems, not full-blown Covid-19 or ‘Flu symptoms but best be certain before I start mixing with people again next week. As it is I declined the Lewes Town Hall event yesterday evening.

Evie heading away from Mt Caburn
Looking south east towards Firle and Eastbourne beyond
A more easterly view across East Sussex towards the North Downs and Kent

This is the sort of walk to do before or after a pub lunch; sadly there is no Glynde Pub, just a tea room that is only open in summer. Or is there a pub over by the station? I should investigate. Here I come for the view, best enjoyed on a clear day such as today.

If you don’t park by the Village Shop, then there’s a layby on the way out of the village just beyond Glynde Place heading out towards Glyndebourne.

Glynde Place

The village has a number of old dwellings, a blacksmiths and workshops. It’s a buzz during Art Wave in September and has a busy cricket field and lovely children’s playground too.


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