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About Jonathan Vernon

Fig.1. Interviewing Open University Business School MBA Students at a Brussels Residential School.

Jonathan is an experienced generator of ideas that intrigue 

He is a versatile writer, visualizer and communicator, a corporate educator and ‘comms person’ – internal and external – with considerable experience as a director, writer and producer in linear, interactive training, e-learning, conferences, online and social media in the UK and France.

He’d welcome  opportunities to develop innovative, highly visual, memorable and demonstrably effective answers to messy learning or communications problems for organisations with global interests.

A graduate of Balliol College, Oxford. Educated to post-graduate level in e-learning, marketing, advertising and communications courtesy of D&AD and The School of Communication Arts, The Open University and uniquely, as a cross-platform multimedia producer at European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs EAVE. His interest in the First World War saw him complete an MA in British History and the First World War in 2018.

He is a post-graduate student who completed the Open University’s Masters in Open and Distance Education (MAODE)  in January 2013. He also did the OU MBA elective ‘Creativity, Innovation & Change’.

Masters in Open and Distance Education (MAODE) with the Open University (OU)

H810: Accessible online learning: supporting disabled students

H800: Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates

H807: Innovations in eLearning – Learning outcomes

B822: Creativity, Innovation and Change

H808: The e-learning professional

This completes the Masters in Open and Distance Education (MAODE)

In addition these additional modules have been taken (they could count towards an M.Ed):

H809 Practice-based research in educational technology

H818 The Networked Practitioner

Producing, directing and writing for corporate audiences of every kind, size and intent, whether training or PR (BNFL, RAC, Northumbria Police) for change management (RAC), brand change, mission change (Yorkshire Water), management training (Tyneside TEC, UGC, Land Rover, Post Office) or product launch (Barclays, Renault, Land Rover) or graduate recruitment (Legal Profession, Accountancy, YR12 Career Choices) with production experience of pharmaceuticals (GlaxoSmithKline), banking (NatWest, Abbey, Bank of England), law (Herbert Smith, MacFarlanes), car manufacture (Land Rover, Renault), retailing (M&S, Woolworths, Bhs), health services (DoH), utilities (Northern Electric, BNFL), stock exchanges (EASDAQ), shareholder and stakeholder communications (M&S, UGC), government departments (Ministry of Culture, France; DoH, UK), pret a porter and haute couteur fashion (WAB) … and sport (swimming, skiing, sailing)

And 500 years ago when he was a King’s Guard Special in Camelot

Fig. 2. King Arthur and the Spacemen, Summer Vacation job, Alnwick Castle, 1978



  1. Andy says:

    Hi Jonathan, I worked on the Spaceman and King Arthur film too, not as an extra but in the wardrobe dept (In that cold damp marquee every day). I remember you, so just thought I’d say hello.

  2. Hi Jonathan

    You invited me to visit your site in my OU blog.

    Are you clearer on your doctoral interest now? I think you were talking about looking at the medical application.

    I was hoping to use H817 as a springboard into the EdD. I’m interested in how mobile or tablets might be used by professionals such as health visitors, and family support workers doing intervention work, to access real-time (or near real-time) information and materials that support their work with parents.
    I’d be very interested if you had any thoughts to share from your thinking on the medical world.



    Yes, many thoughts and a volume of reading! I’d say an iPad mini and highly pertinent content to the highest possible standard. Google Dr B Price Kerfoot MD ed.M for some initial ideas.

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