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Fig.1. Reconstruction of a traffic accident for a regional PR awareness and training campaign working with all the emergency services.


Video production

A contributor to the team effort, able to advise on best practice and potentially propose production companies or if desired able to run an entire production as an in-house or external producer. Budgets and projects managed have ranged from £250 to £125,000 – Interviewing personnel with my own broadcast video kit, – video or just audio (for podcasts/animation) to the ‘full monty’ such as live multicamera events or scripted drama-based single camera with carefully cast professional actors. As above, from brief, to schedule and budgeting, scripting, delivery, monitoring and feedback. I will cast actors and presenters, brief composers and illustrators and model makers – whatever it takes to get the production right. Have worked underwater, on water, from helicopters and planes, crossing oceans, in nuclear power plant reactors before commission … in, on and around office blocks as they are built … around Europe and beyond. In hospitals, on sets, in banks and vaults, in sewerage farms and at fashion shows … on yachts and ferries, in schools at pools, at sports events, theatre shows and rock concerts. Up mountains, in delivery vans and from the back of a motorbike – whatever the script requires!

E-learning Consultancy

Involved in the creation of interactive and multimedia-training emerging from linear and workshop based training. Familiar with every kind of learning and development across a broad field including health and safety, induction (on boarding), management development, change management and so on.


Advice and recommendations for policy in relation to access to e-learning and websites for students with disabilities.

Creative Problem Solving

From workshops and finely tuned creative brief, to proposal documents and scripts. Running half day, day long or weekend workshops to understand ‘messy’ problems.

Creative Brief

Skilled and experienced at pulling multiple threads together into a single page brief from which teams can then work.

Idea Formulation

A creative thinker, innovator and problem solver. Not simply drawing upon three decades of professional experience – beginning production experience as an undergraduate – but constantly thinking beyond current possibilities, active in many online groups, frequently taking part in webinars and conferences.

Synopsis Writing

Typically offering between three and five potential answers to a communications or learning problem.


Typically working on one or two of the selected ideas from the synopsis into a treatment – where required visualised as a flowchart, framework or blueprint for delivery.

Script Writer

As required written as a two column video script, or script with storyboard. An experienced writer with credits for drama, news, news magazine and documentary style productions, as well as interactive and online training.

Corporate Communications Consultancy

Scoping of internal and external use of video online, for events, in training, colleague and stakeholder communications to support learning and development, marketing, sales and PR. Drawing on production experience in the UK and France for national and international organisations including retail, pharmaceuticals, car manufacture, fashion, government ministries (Depart of Health, French Ministry of Culture), utilities, nuclear power, logistics and distribution, education (all sectors) and many others … travel industry, sport and light entertainment. Researching and preparing a creative brief, development of project proposals. Able to assemble and lead project teams if desired as an internal contractor or external supplier drawing on talented team players with a track record in video (TV and film) , events, multimedia and e-learning.




  1. How may I obtain a copy of your digitized Betamax tapes from Oxford University 1982-1983? As a visiting scholar I was a member of Univ’s SCR that year, and became a friend of your college’s Joseph Raz. I would love to see a random selection of contemporaneous local scenes.

    • Hello John, I digitised them all, but the format proved difficult to get online. They are on CD. Editions of ‘Oxford Television News’ are with the University – they undertook some of the digitisation themselves. In the meantime I put screen grabs up from time to time indicating what the tapes contain. In due course I will figure out how to overcome the formatting issues. http://bit.ly/2HFajYm

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