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What Maka Paka knows about learning

From E-Learning V

Fig.1 Maka Paka on the prowl for someone’s face to wash … and random stones to stack, count and give away.

I adore In the Night Garden in my fifties, the way I loved The Magic Roundabout when I was six. I’ve worked for Ragdoll, met Pob, been to the Teletubbies set and follow the work and thinking of Andrew Davenport who recreates the world of the child as it learns to talk quite brilliantly.

Recently I was for the umpteenth time talking about the importance of understand how and why we forget before you try and get anyone, including yourself, to remember a thing, Watching Maka Paka (above) learning to count is a fabulous example of repetition, discovery and repeat.

Now, if I had “In the Night Garden’ I could learn baby talk in several languages; I don’t suppose its very different.

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