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Creative visual e-tivities

I feel I compromised what I truly believed about the Creation of e-tivities, but have the Salmon book.

It has been leant on, like a crutch, become an answer for the unimaginative and non-committal. The first ‘How to design e-moderating.’

Whilst the thinking is sound, why are the cartoons that are meant to deliver the impressive thoughts so … weak? Publishers and authors would be surprised how inexpensive it is to hire a Stephen Appleby or a Quentin Blake.

Some of us study art, some of us are more tuned into visuals than words … so how can an author so compromise themselves in this way?

If the purpose is to communicate then the quality of the written word ought to be matched by a similar quality of graphics, art work and photography.

A BBC Radio 4 programme on maths and statistics introduced me to the work of David McCandless. Information is Beautiful (2009). This is how I think, as a ‘visualiser,’ what I would prefer to do, not mind maps, but design, graphics and intelligent single page expressions of complex ideas, facts, stats and links. The entire e-learning world needs to switch its emphasis away from the written word – lectures are the spoken word, tutorials and the spoken word and all the other stuff that goes on in tutor groups.

THIS is the way to illustrate the contents of your mind.

Why, why why do wordsmiths run academia? They aren’t better thinkers, they are restricted thinkers … their only way of expression is through words and they are so incapable of getting beyond the written word that when it comes to something as simple as an illustration they are paralysed.

If their purpose is to communicate, then like the ace communicators in advertising they should work in teams of two, copywriter and art director … two minds are better than one, especially is one can see what the other is thinking.

Where … how … can this component of VISUAL communication be put into learning, let alone e-learning

This isn’t about accessibility, brains are being disenfranchised because the tools, so far, are so limiting that many worthy bright minds are understandably being discombobulated (or something).

I need to be expressing this through a Wacom board, with diagrams and images, and a voice, possibly mine …

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