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Using Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter for e-learning, life long learning and social learning

Engage, enquire, listen, take an interest, seek out like-minds, involve, share … respond, reciprocate, develop.

This has NOTHING to do with pushing products or services, this is about developing thoughts, acquiring leads into new avenues of enquiry, dropping hints and serendipity.

Increasinly however these three are functioning in the same way, however different they look.

Like ink drops in a tank of water

The visualised option is YouTube, Flickr and Tumblr (I’m yet to develop content for Pinterest)

Blogs are more sedate, more inclined to asynchronicity, whereas with Facebook I find at various times of the day (depends on the person) the messages become synchronous.

An iPad and iPhone (or any similar device) is crucial. With some people the more immediate the response the great the level of engagement, like one hand being placed on top of another the thoughts come thick and fast.

With many ways into social media I’ve opted for a paid service. Content Wisdom. For a monthly sub I get to dip into a catalogue of video based, lecture-like presentations as well as joining a regular webinar.

Join me on Linkedin, I’m active in various e-learning groups.

Join me on Twitter ‘jj27vv’ where I am making various lists to follow conversations on e-learning

Don’t come find me on Facebook! Friends, family and face-to-face contact first is my rule here.

WordPress. 16 blogs and rising, by My Mind Bursts is the main outlet and at last approaching 1,000 entries which are usefully themed on e-learning (post graduate theory and e-learning for business) and creativity (writing and producing fiction, and creative problem solving)

Anxiety and the vicious circle of business collapse

Stacy 1996

If it wasn’t for the exam I wouldn’t have gone to such lengths to get a variety of authors and concepts in my head.

I did a couple of mock papers I realised I was only making the case in favour of creative problem solving and often from a positive environment, the reality is that an organisation that is closing in on itself with paranoia, the prospect of job loss, an inability to take radical action is common place. Even more so today as the entire paradigm has changed with global networking online there is a need for organisations to get themselves out of this kind of spiral.

All thanks to the B822 OU MBA Module ‘Creativity Innovation & Change’ that I am taking to complement the Masters in Open & Distance Education, which includes H807 ‘Innovations in e-learning’. My interest is to understand how ideas are implemented.

Creative Problem Soliving: the workshop and the process

Creative Problem Solving with Jan Buijis

  • What’s the problem?
  • What’s your idea?
  • How are you going to pull it off?

Nothing could be simpler. The ‘Buffalo System’ of creative problem solving adds a bit more, in business, not prone to responding intuitively to situations unless you’re the owner of the place, a good deal more ferreting around is required:

  • Mess
  • Data
  • Problem
  • Idea
  • Solution
  • Acceptance

When I ran a creative problem solving workshop for the second Tutor Marked Assignment of the OU MBA Module B822 it ran like this:

I might have typed it out like a Running Order for a TV show.

Here I was able to remind myself to ‘diverge’ and ‘converge’, to push people to expand their minds, to break away from initial concepts and ideas … and then to draw them back to some kind of focus.

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