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Celebrating 25 years in video production


How I presented myself to clients in France when I was working for French news agencies, animation houses, broadcasters and corporate producers. Once again actively seeking to blend video production with communications and learning.


A fabulous radio drama – in a series of 15 minute episodes: The Diary of Sam Pepys

A fabulous, not to be missed, BBC Radio Drama

The Diaries of Samuel Pepys

Listen this morning and only for a week – the wonderfully evocative, visual radio drama – so good you can smell The Plague in the air.

Laugh out loud.



Soon to be a movie?

But nothing will beat the radio version (ditto ‘The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

10.45am BBC Radio 4

Then on iPlayer for a week

Kris Marshall

Some times a proud father will post a picture of his daughter

Josh and Zoe off to their first Prom. A delghted father saw them just as they set off. Life is an extraordinary thing, the transformations wonderful. The laugh is seeing Josh, Zoe and a dozen others age four or five at reception together. Only 12 years ago, a weekend to me, a lifetime to them.

La Tete du Travail

I used this character very successfully in France when developing my freelancing directing career.

‘J’ai la tete du Travail’ was the expression I used, ‘the head for the job’. I went on to work across the country for the French Ministry of Culture visiting every corner of the country, to work on a Saturday Night Variety Show, the haute couture and pret a porter fashion shows (video and vision mixing the live events) and agency work for international broadcasters.


Taming of the Shrew in Trinity Gardens

There’s a video of this production in Trinity Gardens somewhere. Perhaps I have a copy? I played Baptista, not my best of roles, I’d been Mercutio in a production of Romeo & Juliet. Other plays I appeared in? I’d need to look through the diaries, but I tried to be in a play most terms.


Taming of the Shrew

Taming of the Shrew (rehearsals) June 1983 (or 1982?!)


27 Reasons to blog

I’ve forgotten a few, not least the ones that got me started here:

  • As an ice-breaker (introducing ourselves by way of holiday snaps and pets … not to be recommened for setting the appropropriate tone).
  • Reflection (and learning how to do this correctly).
  • Stream of consciousness
  • A Writer’s Journal
  • As an e-portfolio

So I’ve missed out some important ones 😦

Visiting Channel Flip I was treated to a screening of Lee Hardcastle’s new stop animation horror short. Is this blogging, or having your own TV channel?

Who are you? Please speak up!

WordPress now lets you know ‘where’ people are viewing you from. The Seychelles and Singapore are top of my hit list today. What have I said? Who are you? Why? Please provide guidance. Better still, invite me over I love to talk and can entertain 100+ for 90 minutes.

E-learning with The OU

I’ve printed of the Assignment Guide ahead of putting TMA 1 togethe

Until now I’ve baulked at the cost of printer ink … indeed I ‘ve only had ink for the last week anyway.

It wasn’t just that, with no shelves up and stacks of files I have been finding that anything that does get printed off gets lost.

So it gets filed offline & backed up.

In the last 24 hours I have been telescoped back to 1982 and my many adventures at university. I had a video production ‘business’ called Last Stand Video. I have a dozen Betamax tapes from this period which I have been meaning to transfer for decades. I will now see if I can view & log them, then transfer (i.e digitise) the juiciest bits.

There’s a copy of  production of Romeo & Juliet in which I played Mercutio. During this particular fight with Tibalt the nappy-pin holding up my pantaloons broke so I cutched them as well as my ‘wound’ as I died to hysterical laughter on the marble floor of Magdalen Chapel.

All the films I’ve ever seen ‘Y’

Yanks 1979

The Year My Voice Broke 1987
I remain fascinated by good ‘coming of age,’ teenage rom-com dramas.

The Year of Living Dangerously 1982

Yentl 1983

You only Live Twice 1967
Sean Connery as Bond

Young Einstein 1988
Loopy but fun! Extraordinary that it is so culturally Australian.

Young Frankenstein 1974
Mel Brooks

Young Guns 1988

You’ve Got Mail 1988

Listening In: shoot photos

On the set of ‘Listening In’ a short film that I sold to Channel 4.


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