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A composite of innovativeness in farmin

the farmer in love - il contadino innamorato

the farmer in love – il contadino innamorato (Photo credit: Uberto)

‘A composite measure of innovativeness, the general tendency for individuals to adopt new ideas. The cumulative distribution of the innovativeness scores for the seventy-one farmers was S-shaped and approached normality.’ (Rogers, 2003)

  • Innovators 2 farmers
  • Early Adopters 10 farmers
  • Early Majority 23 farmers
  • Late Majority 13 farmers
  • Laggards 13 farmers

A general model of human behaviour


  • farm size
  • formal education
  • exposure to mass media
  • opinion leadership

Firstly use of the innovation on a trial basis

The Deutschmann & Fals Borda (1962b) study particularly demonstrated the usefulness of the conceptual tools of innovativeness and adopter categories


Deutschmann, Paul J. , and Orlando Fals Borda (1962b) Communication and adoption in patterns in an Andean Village. Report, programa Intermericano de Informacion Popular, San Jose, Cosa Rica C (E)

Rogers, E, E., (2003) Diffusion of Innovations (5th)


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