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H809 is like a very large Gouda

If H809 is a very large Gouda Cheese – the size of a climbing frame, then I have consumed, wholesale everything from week 1 to 6.

We are now in week 9.

Ever since the TMA at the end of week 6 I have been back in this Cheesy Climbing frame – what remains of it – with another 11 weeks to go.

Far from meticulously deconstructing externally week by week, activity by activity and constructing internally in an equally measured way, I find I am juggling, cartoon mouse-like, three pieces of cheese:

  • Week 7 – 7 Activities: done 3/7
  • Week 8 – 7 Activities: done 4/7
  • Week 9 – 5 Activities: done 0/5

Glad I did that.

Bang goes H817open which will have to postpone. Forget the ABC Gestion de Project. And only the impulsive would sign up for a MOOC on the Human/Computer interface.

All must now wait.

I’d be on top of this had I not put a couple of weeks into H817open.

(though OER is highly relevant to H809 too)

I’ve got six days to get on top of all of this, write the TMA then go on holiday for ten days.

I’ll put the above into a table and tick each off.

I reckon, at a glance, that this around 28 hours = jeepers.

And writing the TMA will require = X?!

Crack on, crack on …

The TMA can ‘progress’ in the background while I get through the above.


Enhanced learning as a mind-map, mind dump, composting exercise from where ideas brew

Fig.1. Ownership of learning, Web 2.0 and the Open University Masters in Open and Distance Education – Module H800. Technology Enhanced Learning: practices and debates.

My Mindmap gone mental. But it is my mind. And my mess!

The important thing is to get it off your head and out of your fingertips – one way or a multitude of other ways: doodle, talk about, blog it, message it, make a poster, collect links on it, or images on it … read books and papers on it and aggregate these. But do something that gets it out from between your ears. A coffee will do. Dinner is best.

This is like building a compost heap, you chuck everything in.

Like composting you should then give the stuff time to decompose, then extract the goodness you want – an essay plan or bullet pointed treatment at most, ordered and ranked. Otherwise the undigested mess continues.

Some times a proud father will post a picture of his daughter

Josh and Zoe off to their first Prom. A delghted father saw them just as they set off. Life is an extraordinary thing, the transformations wonderful. The laugh is seeing Josh, Zoe and a dozen others age four or five at reception together. Only 12 years ago, a weekend to me, a lifetime to them.

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