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‘Whichever mode of delivery I choose, the meal I eat will still be Chicken Tikka’. What’s your take on e-learning?

‘Whichever mode of delivery I choose, the meal I eat will still be Chicken Tikka‘. Luckin et al (2005:122)

The idea of thinking of e-learning as a chicken tikka is sound, though I’d perhaps prefer pizza or a Chinese takeaway.

Whether it’s e – learning or m- learning, it must be ME learning.

Chapter 12

Rosemary Luckin, Diane Brewster, Pearce, du Boulay, Siddons – Corbay.

From Mobile Learning:a hand book for educators and trainers. John  Traxler and Agnes Kukulksha-Hulme (2005)

I read this on vacation in a couple of days in between learning to surf on the north Cornwall beach of Mawgan Porth. I have barely managed a day without dwelling on either e-learning or social media, dreaming of them even when a signal is difficult to come by (on the knoll above the farmhouse where we are staying).

Written in 2005 and so based on research of the previous five years I have to wonder at my haste to download it (e-book). It takes me back to my own first forays into online learning in 2001 when amongst others FT Knowledge was my account.

The problem with the content is that is is woefully out of date. All the research being done at the time was on the useless PDAs of the time; I stuck with a PSION that served me well as  a pocket word-processor.

The only idea of lasting significance that I have taken from the entire book is this one, that and fig.1 which I’m a mind map indicates the many devices that provide mobility, ALL of which now reside in an iPad or iPhone with all problems long ago resolved by commercial organisations rather than any institution who without fail take far too long to commit to anything and invariably design by committee trying to please everyone so put everything in, and rarely consider the commercial feasibility of their actions.

On reflection, ‘take-away’ says it all for e-learning as convenience is everything.


Luckin,R., Brewster,D., du Boulay, P., Corbay, S.  (2005) in Mobile Learning.  A handbook for educators and trainers. Edited by Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and John Traxler.


Our fingers do the talking in Web 3.0

‘It isn’t jsut the ability to write, it’s the ability to type. We’re so passionate about the next gadget but are bound to the speed and accuracy of our fingers on a QWERTY keyboard’.

I just spotted the errors in this a few days after posting; I guess hitting the ‘spell-check’ key would help.

Engrossed in the delivery of tertiary education support (VLE), communications and course materials to mobile devices (Smartphones and Tables).

The OU has 35,000 students using such devices regularly now. Small in a student population of 300,000+ but growing as each new cohort arrives with a device they are familiar with in their hands.

The Open University Business School (OUBS) has made its new MBA accessible by these decivces. The Open University has reversioned its VLE for such use too. Reading student blogs I’ve found several writers blogging about how they keep up with Forums and the Work Load on their iPhone while reading and note taking course work on their iPad. All of this away from the desk, and even away from places where a laptop might have done the trick.

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