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Samuel Pepys at his mischevious best: dalliances and subterfuge in 17th century London

Fig.1. Sam Pepys – the 17th century ‘Alfie’

The devious and duplicity of Samuel Pepys has him with two different ladies this week, both times trying to dodge his wife and keep his man servant Will otherwise occupied while he … I forget the phrase, but it sounds more like eating a second portion of cake. Having followed this since 2011 I have to wonder if there will ever be a CD or Podcast. Catch this final series in the next 7 days.

Wonderfully evocative, better than any TV miniseries from Netflix, Blinkbox or Amazon Prime. Just as visual. Not so violent. Far more raunchy.

Samuel Pepys

A fabulous radio drama – in a series of 15 minute episodes: The Diary of Sam Pepys

A fabulous, not to be missed, BBC Radio Drama

The Diaries of Samuel Pepys

Listen this morning and only for a week – the wonderfully evocative, visual radio drama – so good you can smell The Plague in the air.

Laugh out loud.



Soon to be a movie?

But nothing will beat the radio version (ditto ‘The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

10.45am BBC Radio 4

Then on iPlayer for a week

Kris Marshall

Samuel Pepys : Dramatised for Radio

These are extraordinarily brilliant pieces of Radio drama.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys. Series 4

N.B. These episodes are ONLY available online for 7 days from broadcast.

It starts with an excellent script, crafted to suit the medium, engaging, witty, memorable, dramatic.

Spot on casting too, I really warm to the characters.

I find the orginal diaries (translated from Pepys’s code) are unreadable.

Truly. I have spent my life reading diaries and memories, blogging and reading blogs.

They are, unedited, like an excerpt from a phone directory. I have read collections and critiques on the diaries too and get put off by the postgraduate PhD scholarly nature of it all.

These radio dramas extract the drama and give it a serialised, ‘soap’ like quality.

A precursor to a TV Series?


Samuel Pepys ….. Kris Marshall
Elizabeth Pepys ….. Katherine Jakeways
Captain Ferrers ….. Ewan Bailey
Mrs Sarah ….. Eiry Thomas
Man with writ ….. Lee Mengo
Lord Sandwich ….. Blake Ritson
Sir William Batten ….. Richard Mitchley

Theme music: Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May, words by Robert Herrick and music by William Lawes, sung by Bethany Hughes.

Lute, baroque guitar and theorbo played by David Miller. Violin and viol by Annika Gray, and recorders by Alice Baxter.

Historical consultant: Liza Picard
Sound by Nigel Lewis

Adapted by Hattie Naylor

A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Nigel Lewis and produced by Kate McAll.

Some Links

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

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