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How a child experiences their world matters

Pip is lead through the marshes by his kind uncle the blacksmith. Some parenting is a mixed bag. Regardless of male or female intervention warmth and a less controlling manner is favoured.

The following are medical subjects I’ve written about over the last couple of weeks:

Children of warmer, less controlling parents ‘grow up to be happier.’

Men with unaggressive prostate tumors ‘unlikely to develop or die from prostate cancer.’ 

Study identifies symptoms of suicide risk for people with depression

Study links brain tangles and diabetes independently of Alzheimer’s

FDA approve new drug to treat high cholesterol 

Breast cancer relapse could be predicted with new blood test

Multiple sclerosis linked to lower levels of vitamin D

Aspirin, NSAIDs linked to reduced risk of colorectal cancer

FDA approve new drug to treat high cholesterol 

The Army Medical was a disgrace – 1915

I got a letter at home to say report to a certain place so I had time to say cheerio.

We were all issued with free tickets and took the train down to Gateshead. There were twenty odd from Consett. There are names of fifty five men killed in action from the Benfieldside alone whose names are remembered in St Cuthbert’s Church, Benfieldside.

They brought two girls in at the office.

Ernie Caldwell, an area manager brought a girl in called Lily Amiss to assist. When I left for the army Bill Baron brought his brother’s daughter in as an office girl, Ella. There were more changes after that.

They put five bob in the kitty for me every week.

When I got back I got about £80 bonus. I had to work for six months before collecting it. I spent it on a motorbike. It was a 41/4 B.S.A. Cost me £105.

Percy, my elder brother, was a bit lame, so they wouldn’t take him. He had a crippled knee. They made him work on forestry work during the war. He was foreman of a group called Bowes-Whitfield in the forests during the war.

Billy joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1916. He became a bomber pilot.

The medical was a disgrace.

It was arranged in these schools. There were no cubicles or anything you just went into a room.

Great War Recruitment 1916 Uniforms

There were no curtains on the windows – you just took your clothes off and threw them on the floor.

You went to a doctor in the nude.

People could look in the window and see you; they were wide-open. There were no curtains – it was absolutely crude

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