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Bart’s Bash Sailing Challenge: Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club

My contribution for Bart’s Bash has been to helm ‘Ark’ one of our safety boats that operates on Seaford Bay in front of the Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club boathouse.


Sailing in Seaford Bay 21st September 2014

Sailing in Seaford Bay 21st September 2014

Today Newhaven & Seaford Sailing Club took part in the global event ‘Bart’s Bash’. My participation in all of this was to helm the clubs ‘tug’ that carries race marker buoys, officials and photographer. The boat is birthed in Newhaven so we meet at the clubhouse, drive over and exit the harbour into the bay. Not much traffic, the cross-channel ferry had already departed. Perfect club offshore sailing weather with a force 4 to 5 from the North to North East, so off the beach. No swell, no breaking waves, just chop on the water. Once the fleet was out a few took a tumble as the gusts got up. With two further RIBs on the water for safety we shepherded our flock of some 30 boats back to the beach until the course was set.












Was it three or five laps around the course? Stonking speeds from the lighter boats and cats. Terrific light with broken cloud and the backdrop west to the breakwater at Newhaven and east to the chalk cliffs of Seaford Head.




Bart’s Bash: The Guinness Book of Records Challenge

From Bart’s Bash 21SEPT14

Fig. 1 Some of the 30 boats taking part in our ‘Bart’s Challenge’ 

The idea is to make it into the Guinness Book of Records. All over the world clubs took to the water. I had the Guinness Book of Records adjudicator on the rescue boat with me. The race had to be so long, with at least 25 participants. Photos and video was required for starts and finishes. She enjoyed it so much she helped lay and pull in buouys for the course.

Andy ‘Bart’ Simpson, a Brit, died racing in the America’s Cup last year.

Fig. 1 Five Lasers, like butterflies

Helming the boat that set the buoys for this race (it’s called ‘Ark’) I got this shot and likened it to butterflies in the back garden. I so wanted to be out there competing in the race and juggling my inabilities to control the dinghy, but got a thrill from this moment all the same with this imbalance of boats. One getting away, the others heading towards the buoy.

My turn next week. I’ve done 12 hours on a ‘pond’ in various winds so feel ready for the sea, and ready for bruises, muscle pain, a dunking: ready too for managed risk: I will have on a wet suit and lifejacket. I will have a pouch containing an inhaler (asthmatic) and water.

A couple of races assisting the Race Officer I will then set a race myself.

Time to move on from thinking that I am, and can only ever be, No.2.

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