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What is the point in playing chess if you let a computer give you the answers and all you do is move the pieces?

The act of playing chess, and the process of thinking it through is the joy and the learning.

  • What will be the point as or once all the answers are online?
  • Where we let algorithms and the Web provide the answers?

Does this mean that anyone can be a doctor so long as they have a smartphone in their pocket and a good connection?

Knowledge acquired is how learning occurs.

  • The learning process is necessary in order for the brain to make sense of it (or not)
  • And we do so, each of us, in an utterly unique way.
  • Less so because of when or where we were born,
  • But because we were made this way.

‘Je suis comme je suis, je suis faite comme ca’.

Our DNA is unique and the brain it constructs also.

Not hard considering considering:

  • There are some 98 billion neurons in there.
  • And every neuron has some 10,000 connections.

It is this mass of interconnections that makes us both ridiculous and smart,

Able to think in metaphors, provide insight, solve problems, conform, deform and inform.

And fall in and out of love.

Enthusiasms bubble up like farts in the wind.

Life is like a game of chess

We are its players and pieces whether we like it or not.

It is the sense of participation and control that makes life worth living.

Which suggests that absolute machine power – Google-eyed algorithms could be no better than prison.

Life is not a game though

And we are more than merely players.

There is no need to strut and fret our hour upon the stage.

Unless …

It is a story we tell, defined by our actions and responses

A rollercoaster of our own making.

There is no need for noise and tension,

where we can be cool in war and love.


All the films I’ve ever seen ‘R’

Ransom 1996

Reap the Wild Wind 1942

Rear Window 1954

Rabbit Proof Fence 2002

The Rachel Papers 1989

Raging Bull 1990

Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981

The Railways Children 1970

Rain Man 1988

Raining Stones 1993
Ken Loach

Rambling Rose 1998

Rambo First Blood Part Two 1985

Rambo III 1988

Rebecca 1940
Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine

Rebel without a Cause 1955

The Red Balloon 1955

Red Dawn 1984

Red Rock West 1992

Reds 1981

Regeneration 1997
James Wilby in another WWI outing.

Repeat Performance 1947
People in trouble find they can repeat their previous year.

Reservoir Dogs 1991

Resident Evil 2002

Restoration 1996

The Return of Martin Guerre 1982

Return of the Jedi 1983

Return of the Living Dead 1993

The Return of the Musketeers 1989

The Return of the Pink Panther 1974

Return to Oz 1985

Return to the Blue Lagoon 1991
Novel The Garden of God by Henry de Vere Stacpoole. Milla Jovovich went on to greater things.

Revelation 2001

Ricochet 1991

The Right Stuff 1983

Ring of Bright Water 1969

Risky Business 1983

Rising Damp 1980

Rita, Sue & Bob too 1987

River’s Edge 1986

Road to Morocco 1942
Bob Hope & Bing Crosby

Road to Rio 1947
Bob & Bing

The Road to Wellville 1994

Roald Dahl’s Matilda 1996

Rob Roy 1995
Was Tim Roth a baddy or goodie in this?

Robin and Marian 1976
Sean Connery and Aubrey Hepburn with Robert Shaw.

Robin Hood 1922
Douglas Fairbank et al.

Robin Hood 1973
Disney Cartoon

Robin Hood. Men in Tights 1993
Cary Elwes directed by Mel Brooks.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 1991

Robinson Crusoe on Mars 1964

Robocop 1987
Paul Verhoeven & Petter Weller

Robots 2005

The Rock 1996

The Rocketeer 1991

Rocky 1976, II ’79, III ’82, IV ‘85

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Richard O’Brien – writer, playwright, music and actor. With Tim Curry.

Rogue Trader 1998

Rollerball 1975
Cult Classic

Romancing the Stone 1984

Romeo & Juliet 1968
Michael York and Olivia Hussey

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion 1997

Room at the Top 1958

A Room with a View 1985

Rope 1848

Rosemary’s Baby 1968
Roman Polanski

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead 1990
Tom Stoppard with Gary Oldman & Tim Roth

Ruby 1992
Read and reviewed this as a screenplay during production for UGC, France

Ruby Cairo 1992
Read and reviewed this as a screenplay during production for UGC, France

The Rugrats Movie 1999

Run Lola Run 1998

Runaway Train 1985

The Running Man 1987

Rushmore 1998 
For the love triangle

Russian Ark 2002

Ryan’s Daughter 1970

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