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The Future of Productivity

This matters

a) I’ve theorised about web 2.0 to web 4.0 before

b) This adds a recognised business theory, as it takes the ‘S’ model or ‘Sigmoid’ Curve ‘Business Cycle’ of Charles Handy

Nova Spivak

I stumbled upon this while pulling together my last thoughts for an End of Module Assignment on B822 ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change’ an OU MBA module and for me an elective in the Masters in Open & Distance Education (MAODE).

It matters to me for a multitude of reasons:

a) I keep writing about web 3.0 and web 4.0, taking Tim O’Reilly’s ideas that stop at Web 2.0 and developing them into what he would say needs to be called something else. ‘The Semantic Web’ or Social Web perhaps, so Sem 1.0 to Sem 2.0 might be his preference.

b) the value of Handy’s work on recognising natural cycles, but for more this coming out of Roger’s ‘Diffusion of Innovations’.

c) I understand diagrams more the words

d) This is my world: innovation, cutting edge anything as it feeds my curiosity, my world in relation to e-learning and the crisis face by traditional distance learning organisations in a world where content is free, widely available in a multitude of original or mashed-up forms, and learnt through a supportive social network that may not be your student cohort or tutor.


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