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Dad’s army versus Misfits

Reading Martin Weller, ‘The Ed Techie’ who sounds uncharacteristically gloomy about the way technology is so omnipresent in his piece ‘we’re all doomed’ I comment, regarding children seeing us on smartphones or computers, or perhaps another generation seeing their parents stuck in front of the TV or sitting by the radio, that it is us, their parents or grandparents who project onto them the idea that what they are dealing with could be problematic; it is their reality.

Whilst we worry about the differences that we see: smartphones, tablets, computers, Multi-channel interactive TV, computer games and so on, they worry about the very same thing we did and young people their age have always worried about: relationships, haircuts, horrible homework, play. They still want to go out to be WITH people. I think we worry unnecessarily given the resilience of who we are as human beings. My only call would be to see smartphones, iPads, computers and the Internet as complementary tools; my anguish I have found has been to shoehorn ways of doing things into a computer screen, software or App. A book or software can’ t teach you to swim.

Using Dad’s Army may illustrate his perception of the problem but just as this was one generation’s TV entertainment, so Misfits or the Inbetweeners belongs to this generation.

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