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John Arthur Wilson MM at the Tynecot memorial marking his mates Dick Piper and Henry Gartenfeld.

“The war had already attracted too many historians who were determined to bend its events to fit their own analytical framework, jamming their pastry-cutters onto the evidence, and either discarding anything that lay outside their intriguing shape, or rolling it extra thin if there was not quite enough”. Holmes (2011)


Holmes, R (2011) Tommy: The British Soldier on the Western Front

Read the first chapter @ Amazon


All Quiet on the Western Front

This is the must read at the top of any list of TEN.

See the film produced in 1930 too.

Can anything beat it? Let’s see how Daniel Radcliffe performs in this role when the latest remake comes up for release in 2014 and some of the myths of the First World War are given another boast.

The reality?

Junior Officer’s who did their best and their utmost
Generals who could have done no differently and did look for different ways to end the war (innovations, new fronts)

Before you get swamped by the new titles that will inevitably feature over the next couple of years, what would you considered to be the must reads?

I’ve just started ‘Tommy’ by the late Richard Holmes and recently completed the diary of the lady nurse, Lady Dorothy (Doddles) Denbigh which, despite the proximity to death, was somewhat alleviated by frequent rides, and fine dining with royalty and generals.

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