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Dr Z A Pelczynsni, OBE, a retired Oxford tutor and fellow discusses ‘The Oxbridge Tutorial’

A 4 mininute interview and supporting transcript with Dr Z A Pelczynsni, OBE, a retired Oxford tutor and fellow.

From Drop Box

An interesting insight into the tutorial system and how teaching at university differs from teaching at school.


Getting away from it … not quite



A journey across the country to visit family. I find my 85 year old father-in-law translating some Polish to complete a voice over for YouTube clip the Warsaw uprising. This his son tells me is recorded onto his Netbook and edited using Audacity.

For the next hour we discuss how leadership might be taught online.

He is 85 today. My wife and celebrate 17 years of marriage. I reflect on knowing the family for 26 years, a younger sister introducing me to her older brother being introduced to the parents and then some years later discovering there was another sister with whom it turns out I developed a soft spot.

After dinner I sit with my sister-in-law’s partner, who lectures/tutors fine art, art history and philosophy. It is well after midnight before we tire. I had thought of pressing the record button on the digital recorded I have with me; tomorrow. I recall that their use of technology so far includes little more than tutorials by mobile phone; which has its conveniences.

He put the kibosh on my thinking regarding the commercialisation of education which I conclude is fine for corporations where you are an employee and the company is the client, but not for the freedom to think what you please, indeed without the scope to innovate how would be progress.

Or something like that.

I suppose had I recorded the lengthy discussion I could at least quote him correctly.

But wouldn’t recording such a discussion have sullied it?

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