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The Perfect Man – the Victorian Bodybuilder exposed

I stumbled upon ‘The Perfect Man’ about a Victorian body-builder physical well-being guru while reading and researching ‘The magnificent Mrs Tennant’ by the same author. This is my second read; these books are dense with detail, in the case of Gertrude Tennant from diaries and hundreds of letters.

‘Bulging in all the right places’ says one reviewer  of ‘The Perfect Man’.

David Waller, a former FT Journalist, has an uncanny knack of telling a vivid story while packing it with the kind of detail you’d need to study postgraduate history (which he did, while keeping up the day job). Whilst Mrs T is still only available in print form, ‘Mr P’ as I am calling it, will be available as an eBook. The beauty of this is to then link instantly to all the resources.

An apt read going into the New Year?

I guess I’m studying the wrong MA. I wish all academic tomes could be such a good read, the mix of narrative with the resources/references woven in. I’ve looked at the History modules.

Would I be able to study an MA 1820-1920 for example?


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