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#COER13 – How to create OER

Any consideration of Open Educational Resources needs to understand what is happening now or in recent months – even 18 months is too far gone.

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The third #COER week is about creating own Open Educational Resources.

I am lagging somehow behind, but this is a familiar condition for me, reminding me on my MAODE study, where I always had the feeling running behind. 😉

I just examine the reading material and it is an interesting collection. Open eLearning Content Observatory Services (OLCOS) offers on WikiEducator a resource about Open Educational Content. The wiki is a collaborative work to create an online-book which objective according to OLCOS is to  support students and teachers in the creation, re-use and sharing of e-learning material. The page is available in several language including English, German, Spanish but also Swedish and Finnish. It’s just to sad that the source is from 2007, latest updated 2008. I am sure a lot of information still applies, but e.g. the tutorial: Use open source tool, –  this weeks topic – is…

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