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The future of learning

It doesn’t matter what order these are taken in. I constructed all of this in a series of ‘mashed up’ graphics with text and images, and online using SimpleMinds (mindmapping tool) as well as notes on paper.


Here’s my take on the way personalised, mobile ‘online’ learning needs to go. It needs to be responsive directly to the performance, expectations and record of the individual learner. Just like a parent, older sibling, teacher or grandparent who gets to know the person learning needs to find a way to be responsive not only to what they don’t know, but rewarding them by challenging that by what they do know, while throwing bricbats and googlies to keep them alert and to surprise them. It needs to know the person, at least as well as a psycologist might think they know them.

I’d like to see a volume knob on the online learning that I do: something that, depending on my mood would allow me to crank up the level of challenge, or to ‘tame it’. There are days when we fancy a challenge, and days when we don’t. Digital could do this, though I can’t see where it has been tried other than in games.



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